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Optas - Your Sustainable City Guide


Download the free green business directory for the UAE

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Green Businesses


Contact us if you would like to be listed in Optas or own your business listing.

Organisations & Communities

Use Optas to engage your community and drive behavioural change by rewarding sustainable actions. Organisations can use our mobile application to bring their ESG programs to life for their people and enable them to contribute to their ESG or Net Zero strategies. 

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Encourage your people to practice sustainable behaviour, e.g. recycling or responsible purchases. Use Optas to promote activities, capture sustainable actions and earn eco-rewards or other recognition.

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Measure the impact of your initiatives and how they contribute to your ESG plans or Net Zero strategy. Communicate the collective success and make your people part of the journey to a more sustainable world. 

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Raise sustainability awareness and inspire your people by enabling them to contribute to your organisation's impact mission. Taking action towards greater good creates purpose and drives engagement.

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